Find a Date Washington DC

Find a Date Washington DC

Date Washington DC makes it easier to find a date. Most of us work all week and find meeting new people at the bar and club scene difficult. Luckily, Professionals in the City keeps this in mind and might just have the ticket for getting you a date.


You can get a date and make some great friends as well at the events hosted by Professionals in the City. We throw holiday parties, trips to exotic locales, speed dating, hikes, and much, much more! We work within the standard work day schedule so events take place on weekends and week nights after most work hours that can fit perfectly into your day. We also have a calendar of scheduled events you can browse through on our website so you’ll know what’s going on in the upcoming weeks or months. It’s convenient, easy, and fun! What more could you ask for?


Learn to Date Washington DC with our dating seminars. If you’re scared to jump back into the dating pool because you haven’t dated in a while then we’ve got the tools to get you back in it. Learn how to be approachable or how to talk to potential dates and become more confident. Then you’ll be ready to date in no time! These seminars are extremely helpful.


Many people try to date online and find that very frustrating. We’ve got a better way to approach the dating scene because at our events you actually meet face to face instead of hiding behind a computer. We’ve got so many ways for you to meet other professional singles that you’ll forget about those online dating services.


Professionals in the City have just what you’re looking for in the dating world. You won’t be single too much longer once you come to our events. Find your Date Washington DC and date in style again!