Revitalization of Southeast Washington DC

Revitalization of Southeast Washington DC

Southeast is one of the four quadrants that make up Washington, D.C. It is bounded by East Capitol Street to the north, South Capitol Street to the west, and by the state of Maryland to the south and east.

Recently, some areas of the Southeast quadrant of Washington, D.C. have undergone a rebirth/revitalization. With this revitalization, this quadrant now has a lot to offer new residents looking to live in this area as well as to long time residents. There has never been a better time to take advantage of what life in Southeast Washington D.C. has to offer. This area of DC is accessible by the blue, orange, and green lines of the Metro.

In addition to the revitalization efforts, you’ll be hard pressed to find areas that offer the kind of history you can find here. The U.S. Navy Museum is one of the many historical sites you can enjoy in this area. It is one of the fourteen naval museums that was built and established in 1961. Within this museum you can learn the history of the United States while looking over artifacts that date back to 1793. Some of the unique and enthralling artifacts you can see include the deepest diving submersible and photographs of national heroes and war veterans. Other aspects of its rich cultural history include the historic Capitol Hill and Anacostia neighborhoods, the Navy Yard, the Marine Barracks, the Anacostia River waterfront, historic Eastern Market, the remains of several Civil War-era forts, historic St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, RFK Stadium, Nationals Park, and the Congressional Cemetery.

Outside of the historical features Southeast Washington D.C. has to offer, there are some tremendous cultural events and activities that make living in Southeast DC appealing. Some of the events you can look forward to include the Martin Luther King birthday parade, the Fort Dupont ice-rink, the world-renowned Anacostia Museum, and free weekly summer jazz concerts in Fort Dupont Park. No matter what type of activity you enjoy, you are bound to find it nearby.

There are art galleries conveniently located close by as well. One such gallery is the articulate gallery that features a glass replica of the Washington Monument right in front of the building. There is a wide variety of art from beginning children, apprentices, and professional artists displayed.

If you are a sports fanatic, Washington D.C. offers the newest team in the MLB with the Washington Nationals taking the field. The National’s Stadium is the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium in the United States. Although the team arrived just a little over one year ago, it has already made tremendous strides. The new stadium has brought life to the surrounding area with new dining, nightlife and entertainment nearby.

If you would rather participate in sports yourself rather than being a spectator, the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center provides the perfect opportunity for young people to learn about tennis and how to play the game, promoting sportsmanship and team play. Amenities here include 10 tennis courts, a library/media room, several multi-purpose rooms, and a computer lab. The Center offers tennis classes from age three through adult year round. The computer lab is available for students to use after school; computer assistance and homework help is provided.

With the pleasant weather that shines on the area, you have to get out and enjoy one of the many parks that fill Southeast Washington D.C. Anacostia Park features 1,200 acres filled with aquatic gardens and a plethora of activities for children and adults to enjoy. Some of the activities you can take part in at this park include tennis, basketball, roller-skating, an indoor pool and an ice skating rink.

There are a number of activities and sites for the older generation to enjoy in this area as well including the historic Capitol Hill and remains of several Civil War forts that are close by.

The last thing for you to experience in Southeast Washington D.C is the large variety of shops and restaurants that represent the diverse population of the area and the abundant nightlife options that abound. You definitely will not lack for choices to keep you entertained no matter what your preference is.

So as you can see, Southeast Washington D.C. has a plethora of different activities, events and sites to take advantage of and with the rebirth of this area, a rich cultural history and loads of activities to enjoy, families looking to relocate will find no better place than Southeast Washington D.C.

Shirley Clifton with MAX42 writes various articles for the apartment rental industry including The Overlook at Oxon Run, an affordable apartment home community in Washington, DC.

All You Need to Know About Washington

All You Need to Know About Washington

Washington – the well-known place that immediately brings to mind the political supremacy attached to it! A historical place by any standards, it not only reminds a person of the US President occupying the magnificent White House, but is also a wonderful blend of rich historical and modern landmarks!

In fact, it is a popular tourist destination – what with wonderful shopping opportunities; visits to beautiful university campuses; and wonderful parks!

A tiring day of touring the city can come to a perfect end – thanks to the countless restaurants lining the commercial area to the visitors their fill. To add to the restaurants are the knick-knack coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup of excellent coffee.

Washington is virtually a hub of entertainment business, and as such many a visitors like to focus their vacation around the fun-and-frolic theme, making the most of the excellent weather and nearby beaches. With a lot of shows and events taking place here, there is never a dearth of offers of free tickets to most shows, giving entertainment a practical turn!

A trip to the Washington Square brings you face-to-face with two awesome white marble sculptures of George Washington – on the left as a General and Military Commander, and on the right as the citizen President. The sculptures, which stand on either side of the elegant Triumphal Arch at the entrance to the Park on Fifth Avenue and Waverly Place, were built in 1889 to memorialize the 100th anniversary of George Washington’s Presidential Inauguration. In addition, there is another statue of the popular US president – the striking bronze statue outside Federal Hall, with the plaques underneath depicting exceptional scenes from his life.

The downtown tour mostly concludes in the Financial District. The other way round, you can also choose to begin your downtown trip from here, exploring a horde of close-by sites and working your way north.

A visit to the St. Paul’s Chapel on Broadway and Fulton St will give you a chance to see the President’s chair – where he and Martha worshiped. Thereafter, visiting the Fraunces Tavern Museum will bring you to gorge a conventional American lunch or dinner! The strikingly-beautiful brick building is maintained by the Son’s of the American Revolution, and connects to the memory of Washington bidding farewell to his officers in 1783!

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Washington Wines Revealed

Washington Wines Revealed
For too long now, Washington wines have existed under the shadow of their neighbors to the south, and living under the pretense that they could not, and would not stack up to the boisterousness and nobility of California wine. Washington has been prisoner to the understandable misconception that they simply do not host a suitable grape growing climate. How could they grow grapes, you may ask, when it rains all the time? In fact, the majority of Washingtons wine growing region lies to the east of the Cascade mountain range, which, due to the rain shadow effect is arid and sunny. While damp and temperate Western Washington gets an average of sixty inches of rain per year, the East Side receives eight.

Its true that Washington was still making fortified wines based on Concord grapes in the 1960s when California wines were already receiving awards and becoming world recognized. But they have grown with leaps and bounds over the past 40 years and are producing high quality wines that compete with the best of California. The wheat fields and fruit orchards that were the previous staple economy in Walla Walla and Yakima Valleys have been replaced with acres of lucrative vines, growing from just ten wineries in 1970, to over five hundred today.

The Washington wine industry is currently worth three billion dollars and is ranked second to California in grape growing and wine production. The 1980s saw a huge demand for white wines and interest spiked for Rieslings and Chardonnays. Although the white wines are continuing to hold their popularity and prestige, Washington is now praised for its Syrahs, Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots as well.

One of the most notable and celebrated winemakers out of Walla Walla Valley is winemaker Charles Smith. This year will mark his tenth year. The retired rock band manager shifted gears when he taught himself the art of creating quality wines, starting with very small batches of Syrah. Dont be fooled by the wine label effect and eye catching names, these are not mediocre wines with a cushy marketing budget. Inside the bottle are some of the most tremendous wines coming out of that region. These wines are not for the faint at heart. They are powerful, rock solid wine that pack a serious punch. With his wild thick hair, leather boots and a plain black t-shirt Smith looks like a cross between Jerry Garcia and a Harley Davidson poster child, and seems a little out of place in the perceived pretentiousness of the wine industry. His motorcycle riding, live on the edge, rock n roll personality shines through in all aspects of his winemaking, from labels to descriptions and within the wines themselves.

You can find Charles Smiths wines, the signature black and white labels, under his self-titled Charles Smith label, K Vintners and The Magnificent Wine Company. K Vintners is his original production and consists mainly of 100% Syrah and Syrah blends. The value-based Magnificent Wine Company label revolves around House Red Wine and House White Wine; quality table wine blends from multiple vineyards and vintages. His most recent endeavor is his Charles Smith wines, where he has been continuing with his full bodied, best wine possible approach and branching out to Rieslings, Chardonnays and Merlots.

Listed below are just a few of the favorites.
Charles Smith Label

Kung Fu Girl Riesling ($ 17)

Inspired by the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill

Tasting Notes: THIS GIRL IS SERIOUS! Aromatic, smooth, vibrant and tasty. Think tangerine, apricot, wet stone, key lime, clove and stop thinking and start drinking CAUSE KUNG FU GIRL KICKS ASS! Charles Smith

Eve Chardonnay 2007 ($ 15)

Tasting Notes: Sinfully temptingfresh, crisp, the perfume of sweet apple blossoms lures you into The Garden of Eden. Silky, soft, mouth filling deliciousnesstake the first sip! Charles Smith

Velvet Devil Merlot ($ 15)

Tasting Notes: If velvet had a flavor this would be it. Bittersweet chocolate, dark Italian cherries. Sweet rose petals with a firm, satiny finish. Pure Washington Merlot. HELL YEAH! Charles Smith

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 ($ 21)

96.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3.5% Malbec

Tasting Notes: Delicious Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromatics galorecigar box, pencil lead, cedar and currants with super refined tannins and a long, fine finish. French? No. Chateau Smith? OUI! Charles Smith

Boom Boom Syrah ($ 18)

99.5% Syrah, .5% Primitivo

Tasting Notes: Everything you want in a syrah.smooth, firm, fresh & darksuper

dense purple with meaty dark fruit, Asian five spice & sweet tobacco. Intense yet

plush textureit will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! Charles Smith

K Vintners Label

K Vintners Milbrandt Vineyard 2007 ($ 36)

Tasting Notes: As the day is longa never ending finish of spices, fresh tobacco, cured meats, and stone. So smooth, so fine. Charles Smith

K Vintners Northridge Vineyard 2007 ($ 40)

Tasting Notes: Extremely concentrated, intense color. Notes of huckleberry, cedar, cigar and kirsch. Built like a brick shit-house; exuberant ripe fruit with grippy backbone and spice and a seamless finish. Charles Smith

K Vintners Phil Lane Vineyard 2007 ($ 75)

Tasting Notes: Violets, lavender, roasted meat, game, crushed stone, and a super long finish. Charles Smith

Washington Facts retrieved from Complete Wine Course by Kevin Zraly. Additional Charles Smith information can be found at, &

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Attractions in Washington DC

Attractions in Washington DC

Here come the attractions in the city of Washington which are ready to take you to a totally different world. All the individuals who love to spend their leisure in the best way; this is the right place and the right time to make your dream come true. The major attractions in Washington are immense and large in number. You will surely be booming up and rolling up with full excitement and thrill, as soon as you go through this piece of writing. Get up and go and take hold of this golden opportunity and facility that are being offered to you. This is only a tip of the ice berg. Real pleasure and excitement can only be taken when you yourself are going to make a visit to these ravishing and appealing attractions as soon as possible. In this way, all of your queries and questions will be solved right away.

The very first is the Washington art museum which is great and grand it is own way. The paramount theatre and sky city at the needle are appealing and alluring. Hopes have been high which have been set on a very higher level. The attractions are quite and rather exciting. Pike place market, Washington aquarium and smith tower capture the attention of the tourists and visitors in a minute. Amusement parks, malls, shopping centres are immense and large in number. You will surely be licking each and every moment from top to bottom. The tourists and visitors find immense amount of pleasure while making a visit to these ravishing and eye catching attractions.

Museums, sports clubs and pubs are also one of the major attractions in Washington. Savor Washington food also offer and provide three different varieties of food and cultural tours. These are some pieces of advice from my side. You will surely not going to get disappoint by making a visit to these attractions and recreational sites. They make you excite in the best possible way and mode.

The city of Washington possesses and has some kind of competitive edge in this sector. Large number of tourists and visitors make it a first choice because these recreational sites allow and permit them to enter into a totally different world. Make your dreams come true right away by making a visit to these alluring and appealing attractions and recreational sites. I truly believe and consider this fact that doors are closes but not locked. You only have to put small amount of effort and let yourself to get enter into a totally different world which is full of thrill and excitement.

Hence, from the above mentioned discussion it is quite and rather evident that the attractions in the city of Washington are exceptionally great and grand. Efforts and attempts are being done to set up more attractions and recreational sites in Washington that will let the tourists and visitors to stick up to these places right away. We are waiting for that day. That day will surely going to come sooner or later.

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Washington’s Dropout Factories

Washington’s Dropout Factories

In 2007 there were twenty-two schools in Washington state that are considered “dropout factories.” A school is considered a dropout factory when more than 40 percent of entering freshmen dropout before their senior year.

What makes kids drop out? Most “Dropout Factories” in the U.S. are in high poverty areas and have a high number of minorities. In schools such as Arlington who have a 30 percent dropout rate don’t have either of these common factors for kids dropping out. Arlington is located in a nice suburban area with a eighty-seven percent of its students caucasian. 

They began implementing programs in 2007 to help reduce the dropout rate of students in the Washington State. One was the Freshman Academy which helps kids who didn’t do too well in middle school get specialized counseling and extra help with homework and classwork. This programed is designed to get kids to do well in school to give them confidence that they can do good in school and they can graduate. Another program that was implemented was the Link Crew. The link crew is a buddy program ran by students to help kids make friends. Kids dropout less when they have friends tying them to the school.

Dropout prevention specialists have been hired by the schools as well. These specialists are huge on getting kids not to miss school. This is very important because the more school you miss, the more you get behind on your schoolwork, which in turn discourages kids to even finish it at all because of missing critical classroom discussions that would’ve made the homework/classwork much easier. They are attempting to discourage this by having these specialists talk to the children and their parents door-door and getting the police department involved to stop the truancy. 

If kids start doing good in school and are proud of coming home and showing their parents their report cards, this will lead to less dropout rates. If they have friends at school and are socially involved and are not missing school students will be motivated to stay in school. These programs have shown they work because just recently nine of the twenty-two schools have dropped off the “dropout factory” list. 

In order to keep your kids from dropping out don’t let them miss school, make sure they are socially involved in their school and with their friends and get them tutoring if they struggle with any particular subject. These programs are working for Washington, lets give all our children the same head start to a successful and rewarding academic experience! 

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Washington School Ratings and Washington School Rankings

Find a Date Washington DC

Find a Date Washington DC

Date Washington DC makes it easier to find a date. Most of us work all week and find meeting new people at the bar and club scene difficult. Luckily, Professionals in the City keeps this in mind and might just have the ticket for getting you a date.


You can get a date and make some great friends as well at the events hosted by Professionals in the City. We throw holiday parties, trips to exotic locales, speed dating, hikes, and much, much more! We work within the standard work day schedule so events take place on weekends and week nights after most work hours that can fit perfectly into your day. We also have a calendar of scheduled events you can browse through on our website so you’ll know what’s going on in the upcoming weeks or months. It’s convenient, easy, and fun! What more could you ask for?


Learn to Date Washington DC with our dating seminars. If you’re scared to jump back into the dating pool because you haven’t dated in a while then we’ve got the tools to get you back in it. Learn how to be approachable or how to talk to potential dates and become more confident. Then you’ll be ready to date in no time! These seminars are extremely helpful.


Many people try to date online and find that very frustrating. We’ve got a better way to approach the dating scene because at our events you actually meet face to face instead of hiding behind a computer. We’ve got so many ways for you to meet other professional singles that you’ll forget about those online dating services.


Professionals in the City have just what you’re looking for in the dating world. You won’t be single too much longer once you come to our events. Find your Date Washington DC and date in style again!



The Ayatollahs of Washington

The Ayatollahs of Washington

As I compose this on June 17, the streets of Iran’s capital are jammed with demonstrators rallying to protest the united states’s disputed presidential vote. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians defied the nation’s spiritual leaders with the last proclaim on state things demanding a fresh election replacing the election of June 12 tainted by charges of fraud and vote rigging.

The Ayatollahs of Iran have provided a restricted recount, another concession to the sustained public trend, but reformist political leaders would accept just an entirely brand new election under the nearest guidance. Public opinion in Iran may force these types of a solution despite the virtual dictatorial powers regarding the unelected spiritual leaders. The sheer measurements of the demonstrations has been impressive plus the protests are not limited by students but include all generations and financial classes.

America of The united states had a similar crisis into the presidential election of 2000 when Florida’s decisive 25 electoral votes would decide the contest. Vice-president Al Gore, the Democratic nominee, filed fit in state judge to begin with a recount of ballots in a number of counties where voting devices were not able to look for the voter’s selection. The Florida Supreme legal granted Gore’s plea however the U.S. Supreme legal prevented the recount 36 times after the election sufficient reason for that, Gore’s chance of winning the presidency.

The Ayatollahs of Washington had decided and there was clearly no attraction. Nor ended up being here most of a protest. Countless solicitors were involved in appropriate procedures, huge number of news employees transported the news reports internationally, nevertheless americans remained extremely calm. No marches within the places, small fury in the campuses. The folks weren’t involved despite the flouting regarding the Constitution, inspite of the nearness regarding the 5-4 choice, despite the pyramid of voting problems in Florida.

Along with due value towards the federal government of Iran, the necessity of their president will not equate to compared to the U. S. president, controller for the arsenal of nuclear tools, frontrunner of a $ 14 trillion economic climate, commander-in-chief of the very powerful military worldwide, operator of 737 army bases in 130 countries, whose term reverberates every-where, very nearly the Emperor worldwide.

The U.S. could be the earliest democracy; happy with its inheritance, wanting to spread its values abroad, in 2000 it had been passive. Iran, with a brief history adopting thousands of years, is a theocracy with a restricted tradition of democratic elections mostly within local level. Faced with the daunting power of the Ayatollahs and their control over the military and authorities, the people of Iran declined to just accept this element of religions dictatorship. If they achieve their targets, the Iranian men and women have shown how exactly to conquer a government which includes over achieved and mistreated its energy. Committed but pragmatic, insistent yet Gandhi-like in its techniques, they put an example of the usage men and women energy.

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Washington Park Real-estate

Washington Park Real-estate

Washington Park real-estate encompasses an area of over 3000 houses divided up amongst 26 initial subdivisions that have been carved from the prairie between 1896 and 1926. The homes built were Victorians, Denver Squares, Bungalows, and Ranches. Today these same houses are broadened, renovated, popped and scraped, offering united states the mixture of the old and brand-new, the nostalgic and edgy that brings united states the wonderful mix of neighbors we now have.

The purchasers of homes in Washington Park are categorized as cool hunters, bare nesters, people, out-of-towners, and bloomers. Cool hunters are the ones who thought surviving in a loft in downtown Denver was a good idea, but who discovered themselves working making use of their puppy, throwing their frisbees, or playing volleyball in Washington Park. Bloomers would be the youthful people that already reside in the area and, because of developing families, require more space.

These 5-buyer teams have actually lots to choose from for their purchases. You can find houses within the area that didn’t have the required maintenance on the years. You can find those that were preserved, but are not remodeled. After that there are the original frameworks which have been updated with new technical, roofs, house windows, and kitchen areas and baths. Numerous domiciles have-been expanded up-and out, whilst the new frameworks take the space of many associated with maybe not preserved houses.

Cost understanding has-been powerful in Washington Park property throughout the last 13 many years. However, the very first quarter of 2009 saw considerable changes in a few areas. Initially, the mixture of houses sold has actually shifted. The growth section is no much longer brand new builds, but now the more expensive bungalows. The prices have dropped when compared to the same period just last year, plus the time it takes to sell a home in Washington Park has exploded to over 130 times.

Even though the neighbor hood is not any longer resistant from the nationwide financial causes, it’s still a fantastic destination to stay with a promising future. It’s a great exemplory case of a great metropolitan out-of-doors neighborhood, high in individuals of all many years, numerous nationalities, and eclectic interests.

Jacqueline Preston
Washington Park Real Estate

Attractions in Washington

tourist attractions in Washington

Right here come the attractions in the town of Washington that are ready to take you to an entirely various globe. All the people who want to invest their leisure in the best way; this is the correct destination in addition to right time to create your fantasy be realized. The main destinations in Washington tend to be enormous and large in number. You will certainly be booming up-and rolling with complete pleasure and excitement, as soon as you undergo this write-up. Get up and go and take hold of this golden opportunity and facility which can be offered to you personally. It is only a tip regarding the ice berg. Genuine satisfaction and excitement can only just be used when you yourself are likely to make a trip to those ravishing and attractive destinations as soon as possible. In this way, your entire inquiries and concerns are resolved right away.

The 1st may be the Washington art museum which is great and grand its own means. The paramount theatre and sky city at needle tend to be appealing and alluring. Hopes were large which have been set on a rather higher level. The attractions are very and instead interesting. Pike location market, Washington tank and smith tower capture the attention of this tourists and visitors in a minute. Amusement parks, malls, shopping centres are enormous and large in number. You will surely be licking every single minute from top to bottom. The tourists and site visitors find enormous amount of pleasure which makes a trip to those ravishing and eye-catching tourist attractions.

Museums, recreations groups and pubs will also be among significant destinations in Washington. Savor Washington meals in addition offer and offer three different varieties of meals and social trips. They’re some pieces of guidance from my side. You will surely not planning get dissatisfy by simply making a call to these attractions and recreational internet sites. They generate you stimulate within the greatest means and mode.

The city of Washington possesses and has now some kind of competitive edge in this industry. Many tourists and site visitors succeed an initial option mainly because recreational web sites enable and invite them to come right into a completely different globe. Create your goals become a reality right away through a visit to those alluring and appealing tourist attractions and leisure sites. I truly believe and consider this fact that doorways tend to be closes however secured. You simply need to place small amount of effort and let yourself to get come right into a totally different world which is packed with excitement and pleasure.

Thus, from the previously listed discussion its rather and instead obvious the destinations in city of Washington tend to be extremely great and grand. Attempts and efforts are increasingly being done to set up more tourist attractions and recreational sites in Washington which will allow the tourists and people to stick up to these locations straight away. We’re waiting around for that time. That time will surely planning to come in the course of time.

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Washington Dc Dieting

Washington Dc Losing Weight
Washington DC, Drop Some Weight Today

Men and women attempting to slim down from all over Maryland can now celebrate as The Spinal Correction & health Center has a brand new docotr supervised nourishment protocol to greatly help shed and keep unwelcome pounds off.

Grownups are continuously under great pressure to lose weight and either do not know how or dont have time. In the long run, this lack of focus on workout, nutrition or both has us at a really high rate of obesity.

Dr. Steve Wander, the procedure director for the company stated, We currently offer our clients a method which takes of pounds properly and successfully. He went on to suggest, Our main goal help overweight patients drop some weight or assist people lose that final ten weight, as well as the protocol has actually impressed our expectations.

Just like numerous weight reduction treatments, you can find constantly features skeptics ready and waiting to pounce. But in an office research, Dr Wander says the worst patient has actually lost 18 weight. Both Drs. Miller and Wander have actually each lost 30 pounds. Dr. Miller went from a size 12 to a size 4. Dr. Wander went from a 38 waist to a 32.

Many people with weight gain notice throat and low straight back discomfort also. Oftentimes, as soon as someone starts slimming down, they find some pains and aches they were having tend to be decreased or gone. The human body is able to restore its natural stability once again.

This diet diet program, assists the individual: lose weight, gain versatility, grows freedom, and strengthens bone tissue.

It is really not just Gaithersburg and Rockville customers from the program, all over Maryland customers are receiving results. Bethesda, Silver Spring, Germantown and Potomac are typical slimming down and getting healthy using this protocol.

Dr. Jennifer Miller, through the Rockville hospital said, It is fantastic to work here and see the development of patients whom come through home. She added, They come with little power and tired, and leave being more flexible, pleased and invigorated.

Weight gain and obesity is around us and cannot be stopped, but its impacts may be reversed with some time and some proper diet and do exercises. The vertebral Correction & health Center provides its clients an all natural way of health.

Another delighted patient, Letisha Kishna, 36 from Bethesda stated, personally i think no-cost once again and cant wait to utilize the equipment, I have more mobility now than used to do fifteen years ago.

Lose the Abdominal Fat No